About Kiwi Welcome

We created Kiwi Welcome for travellers who care about the people and the places they visit. Learn more about the positive impact every Kiwi Welcome membership has and join the mission to transform tourism into a force for good in Aotearoa.

Visit. Love it. Leave it better.

Enough tourism talk, it’s time for action

"Increasing numbers of tourists - both domestic and international - are putting our environment under pressure and eroding the very attributes that make New Zealand such an attractive country to visit” - Simon Upton, NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, 2019.

With our international borders closed, Aotearoa has been given a chance to breathe. It’s now up to Kiwi travellers to take action and demonstrate the kind of tourism we want for our country in the future.

Kiwi Welcome is a practical way for visitors to Queenstown, Wanaka and Central Otago, to travel in a more socially conscious and environmentally aware way. A Kiwi Welcome membership is more than just great discounts and a community kick-back. It's a vote for a more sustainable, regenerative future for tourism in Aotearoa. Nau mai, haere mai.





The Giveback

100% of Kiwi Welcome profits go straight back into the Queenstown-Lakes and Central Otago community, having a positive impact on the land and the local people long after visitors return home.

The choice of which social and environmental causes will receive funding is the responsibility of the businesses registered with Kiwi Welcome. Throughout the year, merchants will be randomly selected to make this important decision on behalf of their community. The more members we get, the greater positive impact Kiwi Welcome will have and the closer we’ll be to transforming tourism into a force for good.

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Your membership supports the following causes


  • Protect our Winters
  • Routeburn Dart Wilderness Trust
  • Kea Conservation Trust
  • Te Kakano Trust
  • Eradicating pests in the Matukituki Valley
  • Eradication of Didymo in the Upper Clutha rivers.
  • Pest trapping
  • Lakes Water Quality
  • Predator Free Arrowtown
  • Wai Wānaka
  • Wakatipu Reforestation Trust


  • Wakatipu Kiwi Harvest
  • Central Otago Breast Cancer Foundation
  • The Queenston-Lakes Cancer Foundation

Six month memberships now available for just $79

Become a Kiwi Welcome member today to make savings and make a difference on your next holiday south.